Sweetcoin V2

A Sweetwater Consulting Corporation Digital Asset

5 Million of our ERC-20 tokens are available on NOW on UNISWAP Ticker is SCv2.

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Sweetcoin V2 (SCv2) was created by the Sweetwater Consulting Corporation to establish a digital currency backed by a manufacturing base, precious metals, new technologies, and lucrative contracts. It’s more important now than ever before to invest in our future. We have recruited the best talent available to bring our ideas to life.

Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to utilize advanced technologies and processes to design, develop (and, or) manufacture American products for both private and government entities.

Problems we intend to solve with our project

  • Creating new innovative integrated technologies specifically targeted at expanding the Industrial Internet Of Things (IIOT)
  • Improving American manufacturing capabilities & supply chains
  • Advancing manufacturing technologies & recycling process’ 
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