Sweetcoin V2

A Sweetwater Consulting Corporation Digital Commodity

Sweetcoin V2 (SCv2) was created by the Sweetwater Consulting Corporation to establish a digital commodity backed by precious metals such as Gold Silver Palladium Aluminum and Copper. These metals along with liquidity in the form of stable coins such as pax gold, USDT or USDC will ensure the coin viability. Some liquidity will be held in BTC or ETH, but due to their daily price fluctuation will not be a large percentage of our liquidity pool. This will ensure people’s assets are safe. These same recycled metals will be accepted as a form of payment for Sweetcoin and those wishing to redeem their coin in the form of metals will be able to do so at any number of Jewelry dealers around the world.

Our coin will not be a stable coin, there are only 50 million Sweetcoins in circulation and there will not be any more minted. You are staking your claim to a percentage of our pile of precious metals and liquidity pool which will continue to grow the more we recycle. Hence, the earlier you buy in the more the value of your coin will continue to grow.

We are at the pre-sale stage of our ICO launch and are looking for early adopters of our commodity. If you are interested please contact us below.

Problems we intend to solve with our project

  • Create new sustainable practices that will inspire others to do the same
  • Create a new valuable currency that allows individuals and large corporations of all kinds to participate
  • Solve the microchip shortage

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We will be migrating our coin from the Uniswap V2 platform to Uniswap V3 in the coming weeks. Those that got in early when we were initially on Uniswap got a once-in-a-lifetime deal. We have some new investors who will allow us to boost our liquidity many times over. You will find us at this address on UNISWAP Ticker is SCv2.

You can also find our etherscan page here.

Invited wallet holders will become Sweetcoin Group Members and will have privileged access to our quarterly meeting and monthly audits which will be made public at later dates.

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